You created a new app and now you need users. What about your existing base of engaged users from your other apps? You can now convert them across all of your apps, for free.

CrossPromo_ExamplemobileCore (from ironSource) has recently launched a cross-promotion tool for Android apps. The platform is very easy to manage and the dashboard contains in-depth data and analytics. The SDK is free to integrate and is fully compliant with Google Play’s content policy.

The mobileCore cross-promo platform is surprisingly intuitive. By a click of a button your apps’ ads will appear in your interstitials ensuring reach to an already engaged audience. You are in complete control of how much of your traffic is used for cross-promotion (5%-25%) and how much of your traffic you are monetizing.  The analytics in the dashboard include how many times you showed your ads, the number of clicks and number of installs. This helps with effortless optimization as developers can see where they are succeeding and how to transfer that success across all efforts.

Full Solution Package


With cross-promotion, mobileCore is now a full solution package for developers, offering a wide variety of tools for the engagement, distribution, optimization and monetization of apps. mobileCore’s tools are non-intrusive to the users’ experience. The interstitials are graphic and beautiful and the unique slider tool provides further engagement when the user wants, without interruption.

The combination of these tools drives brand reputation and appreciation. It ensures keeping your users engaged across all of your apps and eventually optimizing revenue.