Call me, maybe?

Call me, maybe? (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Want to give your date your number, but not sure if it’s going to work out in the long term? Signing up for a service, but don’t want to incessantly receive marketing calls and SMS? Are you selling items online, but don’t want to be bothered with calls and texts after your transaction? Maybe you’re planning to do some late April Fool’s pranks. Burner is the app for you.

Burner is a mobile app that gets you disposable numbers without the need to purchase a new SIM. You can place calls and send SMS from your temporary phone number, as well as receive calls, SMS and voice mail from the same number. When you’re through with it, you can simply switch to a new one or stop the service altogether.

Buerner Android app

Initially available on iOS, Burner has recently released its Android app on Google Play. Burner offers one free number in several area codes in the US, and an initial allocation of five voice minutes and 15 SMS messages valid for a day. Burner is not exactly cheap, though, as you will need to get more credits as an in-app purchase in order to extend the validity of your burner number to more days, additional minutes or SMS allocation, or if you want to dispose of your number and get a new one.

Additionally, Burner is only available in the US. If this is a limitation, or if you think the pricing scheme is a bit too steep, you can also check out apps like Hushed, which also offers a similar functionality, and also has support for numbers from other countries, and also support for acquiring US numbers from other countries (which makes it an ideal app for signing up for a Google Voice number).

Burner is a free download on Google Play. An iOS version of Burner is also available for the iPhone. iPad and iPod touch support is also included, which can, in essence, turn these devices into phones that can make calls and send SMS.

J. Angelo Racoma

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