STOREOID payment

STOREOID payment

General Mobile has sent me a number of images of the new application store that it plans to roll out for its Android powered smartphones.  The store is going to be called “STOREOID”.

Eh.  Not so sure about the name, but at least the application itself looks nice.

These screen shots are from a WQVGA display, such as found on General Mobile’s DSTL1, but the store will work at the other resolutions offered by its future phones, too.

I’ll be meeting up with the company in Barcelona this February for the Mobile World Congress event.  General Mobile will be in Hall 7 this year, for those of you attending.

Update: General Mobile would like to point out that the apps shown in the photos are just examples for development purposes and don’t necessarily show apps that will actually be available in STOREOID.

The full gallery is available after the jump.