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General Mobile DSTL1 dual-SIM support

Earlier today General Mobile sent us a bunch of screen shots from its DSTL1 Android powered smartphone.  While the pictures don’t show any 3rd party applications running, you can see how the Android OS itself looks on the WQVGA (240×400 pixel) display that the device uses, as opposed to the half-VGA (480×320 pixel) displays used on the G1 and Magic.

From what I can tell, so far, so good.

In most all of the screen shots in the gallery, found after the jump, you can see dual signal strength meters as well as other dual-SIM functionality, such as defining separate ringtones for each SIM.

We’re looking forward to getting an actual working unit to play with in the very near future, since the DSTL1 is expected to go on sale later this month.