New homescreen

General Mobile DSTL1 running Android 1.6

General Mobile has released an Android 1.6 (Donut) update for its DSTL1 Android smartphone.  The release adds proper support for the phone’s WVGA resolution resistive touchscreen display, and even features a number of homescreen and notification area UI tweaks.

You can get more information about the update at the General Mobile website.

Here are some of the improvements offered by the update.  You’ll find more specs and a gallery of screen shots from an updated DSTL1 after the jump.

  • Added Bluetooth send function
  • Improved Android virtual keyboard
  • Improved 7-panel homescreen with new shortcuts
  • Improved touch screen sensitivity
  • Improved video playback capability

  • Added Dual SIM card selection option. You can select only SIM1, only SIM2, or dual SIM option
  • Proper OS support for QVGA resolution displays
  • Added Data Connection control for SIM1 and SIM2. You can activate or deactivate data connections for each SIM card
  • Improved Wi-Fi connection
  • Added task manager under notification bar
  • Improved call history. You don’t need to see all call history for one number on main screen. You can select whether Display by group or Display by date option
  • Improved battery consumption

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