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Gene Effect for Android now available through Google Play

Explore alien worlds and fight off creatures in the new Gene Effect for Android, now available on Google Play for $3.50.
January 16, 2013
Gene Effect
When was the last time you played a fun space exploration game on your Android-flavored device? Well, that’s too long. If you’re looking for one now, then take a look at Gene Effect for Android. It’s a full-screen game that first became available through iOS for the iPhone and the iPad that takes full advantage of a device’s touchscreen controls all throughout the game.

Set on a planet called Kratoss, Gene Effect for Android makes a player go through ancient extra-terrestrial mines in order to complete objectives and gather resources. Players will have to keep their guard up while playing the game, however, because the creatures that call Kratoss their natural habitat aren’t exactly the friendliest bunch in the Universe.

All in all, Gene Effect comes with 21 different missions that need to be completed. There are trophies to acquire and difficulty levels can be manually configured as well. If you’re a fan of side-scrollers, then this game is worth checking out. You can download it now through Google Play for $3.50 no matter what type of Android device you use. Go see Gene Effect for Android on Google Play via the source link below.