Geek's Phone "ONE"

Geek's Phone "ONE"

Not so long ago we bought you the news of the Geeks’Phone “ONE”, an Android product from a new start up in Spain. When we first saw this device, we had little information about the company and even less about the product itself. At first, we will admit that we were sceptical, but having caught up with the company and had a good line of communication, we now feel that we are in a better position to comment. On June 27th at 1pm Spanish time, Geeks’Phone keynote kicks off and their website offers live streaming (although the event is held in Spanish) of the event hosted in Barcelona.

The key thing about this device is that it is designed for the phone geek. It offers root access out of the box and is perfect as a touch-screen only developer device. Furthermore, the phone’s specification are very decent, although I am sure one would agree they are not as top-end as some of the most recent smartphone’s announced by the more well known companies (think the i8910HD 3.7” AMOLED display or the Hero’s UI or 5MP camera). The ONE will use Google Android 1.5 and will run on a PXA310 624mhz processor. The screen and the camera share the same numbers with the touchscreen measuring in as a 3.2’’ HQ TFT and the camera taking 3.2 MP photos (with auto focus). Keeping up appearances of a high-end device, naturally the ONE offers Wi-Fi, assisted GPS and Bluetooth 2. However, the cherry on the top of the cake has to be the DVB-T Digital TV Tuner. This truly does separate the ONE from most other Android based smartphone’s heading to Europe. Other than this, the phone offers GSM 4-band, UMTS and HSDPA (3.5G).

We’ve seen some very early pre-production models of this device and we like what we see. It is great to know that start-ups are taking advantage of Android’s open-source nature and putting it to good use. We’ll have more information on this device and the latest news as it unfolds, first hand.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.