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First look at the Gear VR, Samsung’s wacky VR headset

September 8, 2014
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One of the most interesting gadgets we’ve seen at IFA last week has been the Gear VR, the virtual reality headset that Samsung has co-developed with Oculus.

Over the weekend, Josh managed to spend some quality time with the Gear VR, and these are his impressions.

The Gear VR is more or less a shell for the Note 4, which acts as the display and the brains of the assembly. With the exception of the speakers embedded in the head strap and some circuitry, there are no electronics inside the Gear VR. We wouldn’t go as far as to call it a glorified Cardboard, but there is some resemblance between the concepts.

Unfortunately, Josh couldn’t actually show you what you experience when you put the headset on, but he does try to explain it in the video. To get an idea, here’s a demo of one game we know is coming to the Gear VR, Proton Pulse.

Will the Gear VR bring virtual reality to the masses? With a price of $200 and the requirement to use a Note 4, the pool of potential buyers will be quite small. But with Oculus involved, and provided Samsung can bring down the price, we could see the VR headset becoming an accessory as useful as a Bluetooth gamepad. But first Samsung needs to get developers on board, of course, and the quality and stature of the available games will be a big factor in the concept’s ultimate success.

We’re going to have a review of the Gear VR once it and the Note 4 become available later this fall. Until then, do you see yourself putting the VR on for a gaming session?