Traveling around nowadays can be a bit of a pain – what with all the gate passes and bag checks that you’ll have to go through. Thankfully, there’s a new  Android app that will most likely be able to help any prospective traveler cope with all of these troubles. GateGuru is an app that provides information on nearby airports and the trips that you take through them. It can update you on the info you need, provide shortcuts to take and is in general a timesaver of an app.


Right now the app works for Android 2.2 or higher – which is a good thing. This means even your most basic smartphone can get this baby running. So what can GateGuru exactly do?

First, it can handily store all of your travel information – no need for your confirmation info to be printed on paper. Just glance at the screen and you know everything about your flight. The app also informs you about the current airport you’re in. Many GateGuru members offer tips about the airports they’ve been and the app collates all of this info for your use. Need to know where to eat or where to check in when in Dullesville Airport? A quick check should have you on your way.

Tips are also available for individual airlines – which provide good service in the area or what flights to take on them. It even provide Wi-Fi availability info. The app also seamlessly integrates to Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla, and Twitter simultaneously. This can provide people with a quick way to update family and friends about their whereabouts.


It’s a great app – but it’s still a work in progress. Some info needs to more detailed, and the database is still growing. Getting GateGuru now is still a good idea – because it can only get better.

Source: Androinica

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