Google has responded to Gary Krakow’s story that there would be no Gphone announced by the end of the year by stating that they are, indeed, on track for Q4 Android based devices, and that a few “partners” have promised as much.

But is it just me, or is this not what Gary (or his source) was talking about, in spite of the fact that he has updated his story to reflect this Google statement. The way I read it, Gary’s source, based on what was written in his story, is still talking about a particular device (the Gphone), not some generic device made by somebody else that happens to be running Android.

From the original story:

“According to a source familiar with the situation, although a large number of people are hard at work on the Gphone and the open-source operating system/platform for mobile devices (Android) the actual Gphone will not be ready for release this year.”

That clearly makes a distinction between this “Gphone” and the Android platform. It seems to me to be a stretch to interpret “at work on the Gphone” as an all-encompassing statement that implies that all of the many Android device manufacturers are not going to be ready to release an Android based device this year.

Many of the tech blogs seem to be taking this Google statement and update of Gary’s story as meaning that nobody was talking about an actual Gphone device at all to start with, but I don’t think this really reflects reality.

From EngadgetMobile’s first post:

He’s claiming that while the Android OS should be ready for launch through a couple manufacturers by the end of the year, an unnamed source has told him that the actual “Gphone” from Google has been delayed into next year. That’s great and all, but we thought the whole Gphone buzz was pretty much killed dead when Android got real.

And from the followup, which seems to interpret the entire situation differently:

We had a strange feeling some wires were crossed when a report surfaced stating that the “Gphone” wouldn’t be shipping until 2009, but for whatever it’s worth, Google has now addressed the issue and affirmed that it is “still on track to announce Android-powered phones this year.”

That tune has changed a bit from one post to the next (though they were written by different people).

I am by no means saying that there is a Gphone with all this, I’m just saying that people don’t seem to be paying attention to what was actually written. I still think an actual Google branded Gphone is unlikely, but unless Gary updates his story yet again, I still think he (or his source) was talking about an actual device – wrong or right.