Gartner’s report on Q3 2012 reveals that worldwide smartphones sales are up nearly 50 percent on the same quarter last year. The overall mobile phone market actually declined, but smartphones are still on the rise and accounted for 39.6 percent of total sales. That adds up to 169.2 million units. We all know who sold most of them right? Samsung and Apple account for 46.5 percent of the smartphone market and the Android platform claimed a 72.4 percent market share.

If we dig a little deeper we can see that Samsung now has a commanding lead of the total mobile phone market with 22.9 percent, with Nokia hanging on to second place with 19.2 percent, and Apple a distant third with 5.5 percent. Those results are skewed by feature phones and so if we focus in on the smartphone market we see a different story entirely.

Samsung is still the clear leader, but by a greater margin, claiming 32.5 percent of the global smartphone market with 55 million smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2012. Apple sold 23.6 million smartphones in the same period to take second place. Nokia dropped to seventh in the smartphone chart with just 7.2 million smartphones sold.

The success of Samsung is firmly upon Android and the Galaxy line. Apple will probably have a stronger fourth quarter with the iPhone 5 rolling out in more territories. Nokia needs some magic to happen with Windows Phone 8 and the new Lumia range.

When it comes to platforms none of you will be surprised to see Android increasing its lead with a 72.4 percent market share, that’s up from 52.5 percent in the same quarter last year. Apple’s iOS has gone in the other direction, from 15 percent Q3 2011 to 13.9 percent Q3 2012. RIM has dropped from 11 percent to 5.3 percent.

The holiday season will see big smartphone sales. Can Microsoft’s new platform make an impact? Will Android’s market share climb higher? We’ll keep you posted.

Simon Hill
Simon is an experienced tech writer with a background in game development. He writes for various websites and magazines about the world of tech and entertainment. He uses Android every day and is currently permanently attached to his Galaxy Note 5.