garmin_androidOh the rumors, how they flow.  Here’s another gem from DigiTimes, the guys in Taiwan known for some of the most rumorific of news available on smartphones.  In a piece talking about Garmin’s plans to ship 18 million navigation devices in 2008, right after mentioning the company’s plans for shipping its Nuvifone next year, DigiTimes dropped this little beauty:

Garmin also plans to launch self-developed Android handsets in the second half of 2009, with production to be outsourced.

There is, of course, no credit as to where that bit of information came from.  Who said it?  We have no idea, really.  Some other news sites are crediting Garmin’s Tony An with that statement, based on his name being attributed to earlier quotes in DigiTimes’ article, but the article by no means makes that link.  It could have been said by some random analyst who was speculating wildly – we don’t know.  But that’s what you get with DigiTimes, I suppose.

So take it for what it’s worth at this point: random speculation with nothing to back it up.  For now, at least.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see a Garmin developed Android phone, of course, now that the company has joined the Open Handset Alliance, but still – this is far from set in stone.

Update: Garmin contacted me this afternoon and said that the DigiTimes article is, surprise surprise, full of inaccuracies.  The short version is that Garmin is indeed working on an Android powered phone, but it is making no comment as to when it will be officially unveiled.