Fructel, a gaming peripheral company from Sweden is introducing a new way to play games on your smartphone. Here comes Gametel – a console-style wireless Bluetooth controller that turns your Android smartphone and tablet into a portable gaming console.

Gametel is compatible with Android 2.1 (Éclair) devices and once paired, it automatically connects to your device every time it’s switched on. It comes with a D-pad, quartet of buttons and 2 shoulder triggers; replicating actual console-style gaming controls. Surprisingly, the device boasts up to 9 hours of battery life – making this a must-have controller for passionate gamers and casual gamers alike.

Gametel is compatible with over 50 games on the Android Market including popular titles like Cordy, Asphalt 5 HD, Reckless Getaway, Guns’n’Glory, MotoX Mayhem, Happy Vikings and Zenonia, with more games being added every day.gamers alike. There’s also a free Gametel driver app on the Android Market that you can check out before buying the controller.

There is a limit to what a touchscreen (and even gestures) can do. According to Bo Nyman, the CEO of Fructel, “Playing casual games on a touchscreen phone is fine but when it comes to playing the more addictive and immersive titles, seamless gameplay is impossible. The Gametel controller overcomes this problem by delivering a console experience on your Android device, freeing the screen from fingers, opening up a bigger viewing area and delivering a more responsive physical controls.”

This device will go well with today’s HDMI enabled Android smartphones. Hook up an Android device via HDMI, connect your Gametel, and you could just elevate yourself to techgeek of the year status in your neighbourhood.

The controller will be available at about $78 and will be available mid-December, making it a great Christmas present for your lovable Android geek. Check out for detailed information.