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If you’ve been looking for a way to get rid of an aging Android-based device and make a couple of bucks in the process, but eBay or Craigslist are just not your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there’s one retailer willing to give you a helping hand.

GameStop, probably known to most tech users out there as a retailer that specializes in selling new and used video games, will reportedly widen its area of “expertise” in the near future. At least that’s what the guys at GagdetExperts are claiming, after picking up what looks to be an internal computer screenshot from the retailer.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Nexus S, and AT&T’s Samsung Infuse 4G are on the current “short list” of Android-based devices accepted for GameStop trade-ins, but, according to the report, more gadgets should soon join the trio.

Before barging out the door and running to your local GameStop to get rich off your raggedy gadgets, you should know that no store is accepting trade-ins just yet. However, that should change pretty soon, as sources from the “inside” told GadgetExperts that trade-ins will start in select stores “by summer”.

All GameStop stores should be included in the program before the holiday season. By then, other Android-based gadgets will probably join the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Nexus S, and the Infuse. The report hasn’t been officially confirmed, so we have no idea if it’s the real deal, but GameStop has been accepting trade-ins for Apple iDevices for a while, which is why we are almost sure this leak is to be trusted.

For now, we have no way to know what kind of deals will GameStop offer for smartphone and tablet trade-ins, and if they’ll take any kind of devices no matter their state or “age”. All these details should come our way soon enough though, so keep in touch with our website!

In the meantime, are you excited about GameStop’s program? What gadgets will you trade once the program will be up and running? Also, do you think that we will see some sweet deals from the retailer? Or will they just offer a couple of bucks for any device older than a year, and act like they’re doing us a favor?