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Gamestick entices developers with a new Kickstarter tier

Gamestick has added a new tier to their Kickstarter campaign which offers developers the opportunity to keep 100% of their revenue for 6 months in exchange for $250.
January 24, 2013

Gamestick is one of the many Android gaming consoles vying for future space in your living room. The project already surpassed its initial Kickstarter goals a while ago, and been through the process of adding additional stretch goals as well, most of which have already been met.

What’s probably going to end up separating these consoles will be the continued support of developers for their systems. If OUYA, Gamestick or any other console manufacturer can secure a bigger game library, better performance, or exclusive content from developers, then they might be able to push themselves ahead of the crowd.

This type of practice is something we’re quite used to seeing in the current generation of living room consoles, and Gamestick have a plan to help make sure that developers pay attention to their hardware. They’ve recently added a new tier to their Kickstarted campaign aimed directly at game developers, offering them six months of keeping 100% of their games revenue in exchange for $250.

Don’t worry if you’re a developer who already bought the $500 Founding Content Partners package, these benefits will be automatically extended to you as well.

The new tier is only open to the first 250 developers who stump up the cash. If the project’s previous history is anything to go by, they surpassed their initial funding goal of $100,000 after just 30 hours, you’ll need to act fast if you’re interested.