Earlier this month PlayJam started shipping out GameStick dev kits. At the same time, the company announced early adopters weren’t getting their units until June. Two months late on a delivery promise is never a good sign, but PlayJam said that they had ran into production issues. The good news is that things are now starting to shape up for the micro-console.

Today the Gamestick made an appearance in an all-new video that brags up the portability and features of the micro-console. Additionally, the video gives us a good look at the GameStick’s UI and shows that the system is actually started to look quite polished. Even better, Gamestick seems to have used the delay time to ensure that a few more triple-A make their way to the console at launch, including Shadowgun, Smash Cops and RipTide.

By the time early backers get the Gamestick, Ouya will be readily available for retail purchase. This means that it is imperative that, from day one, Gamestick goes above and beyond its competition when it comes both to software polish and game availability.

What do you think of the Gamestick and other micro-consoles? A niche market that will never really take off, or something that has the potential to change games forever?

Andrew Grush
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