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GameStick now shipping to developers, early-backers delayed till June

PlayJam's GameStick is now shipping to developers as expected, while early-backers of the KickStarter project will have to unfortunately wait until June.
April 7, 2013

PlayJam’s GameStick Kickstarter campaign ended about 2 months ago and since then it has been generating quite a bit of hype. With Android gaming gaining so much momentum, products such as these will undoubtedly become much more popular in the coming months and years.

PlayJam has kept its promise by shipping out the GameStick Dev units this month to those who signed up. All of the shipments should be out by the end of this week.

While early-backers were expecting to receive their units this month as well, it appears as though they will have to wait until June to get their hands on one. According to PlayJam, the delay is caused by “high demand” for GameStick, which made the company reconsider the manufacturing process in order to produce tens of thousands of units.

The company wants to use a stronger method of manufacturing for the official releases compared to the silicon-molded devices that the developers are getting. On top of that, these changes will apparently force the company to ship via sea transport instead of air transport.

This marks June as the month of Android gaming as that is when the other popular Android console OUYA will be shipping out to the general public.