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GameStick finalizes controller and dock design based on suggestions from Kickstarter backers

GameStick, a game console that runs Android, has finalized it's controller and dock designs with help from Kickstarter suggestions
January 29, 2013
If you’re an Android enthusiast who likes to browse Kickstarter, you’ve no doubt heard of GameStick by now. It’s a USB flash drive-sized gaming console that runs Android. It received the funding it needed from Kickstarter in short order and has since achieved the feat five times over. Now, GameStick has released their final design for their controllers.

The final design, pictured above, is quite a change from the flat, rectangular shape it once had. According to GameStick, the design is more ergonomic and designed to fit better in the hand. Since gamers will be holding it quite often, these design changes are definitely welcome.

What’s really cool about the new design is that it was done based on design suggestions from GameStick’s Kickstarter backers. So it’s not like these guys just came up with a new design out of nowhere. They listened to their customers and changed things up based on what they wanted. It’s a refreshing reprise as most companies don’t do that.

GameStick has also finished their design for their peripherals dock too.

According to Engadget’s Ben Gilbert, there is also a dock in the works. It’ll be separate from the GameStick and the controller and has a lot of ports. These include an HDMI in port, two HDMI out ports, a full sized SD card reader, an Ethernet port, and three USB ports.

The dock isn’t available separately yet, but you can get it with the GameStick for $109 from their Kickstarter page. Do these new design elements and peripheral goodies make its impending release more exciting? Let us know what you think!