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GameStick dev-kits expected to ship out later this month

The makers of the GameStick have announced that the first dev-kits will be shipping out later this month. Essentially the dev-kits will be similar to the final hardware, with a few special developer-focused features baked in.
March 19, 2013

Although the Ouya seems to be the crowd favorite when it comes to upcoming Android game consoles, the Gamestick still has managed to gain quite a bit of attention as well. The GameStick might not quite be ready for prime-time just yet, but the company behind the console has now announced the first dev-kits will be shipping out later this month.

The GameStick dev-kit is a “pre-production prototype” of what the company hopes to bring out with the finalized hardware, though it adds a few extra features for debugging and loading apps. The dev-kit also has a Type A USB port for mouse and keyboard.

Besides the news of the dev-kit shipping, GameStick also updated its Kickstarter page with a few other details. First, the company has now finalized the game controller. Second, Gamestick’s makers revealed that more than 500 developers are interested in the device and that there has also been a strong level of interest from retailers around the globe.

The GameStick might not seem to have the same level of developer support or as powerful of hardware as the Ouya, but it is also a bit more affordable and has a design that is even more portable. At $79, it is still sure to appeal to some Android gamers out there, as evidenced by 5,691 Kickstarters that have backed the project.

What do you think of the Gamestick, are you excited or do you feel that the Ouya will stomp all over it?