As summer rolls on, the Android gaming platform war heats up. With such platforms as OUYA and Project SHIELD on the horizon, and the impressive Project M.O.J.O. being announced, it’s no time to lose ground. Gamestick, perhaps the most interesting of the new Android consoles, may be doing just that.

Having already been delayed once, the makers of Gamestick have once again set the launch back. The previous setback had to do with “high demand”, which necessitated Play Jam to reconsider their manufacturing process. This new deferment is a bit simpler to fix, as it has to do with the user interface.

The Gamestick has already gone out to developers, but the UI is still a work in progress. As it stands, the first units have not gone out to early adopters who backed the kickstarter campaign. It’s a slippery slope, that is only getting steeper.

If Gamestick wants to avoid being lost in the shuffle, getting the initial units out quickly is important. Those early adopters provide valuable feedback, allowing the team to make tweaks as needed. The UI being unfinished is cause for concern, but not devastating.

The most important thing is developer support, and developers have their Gamestick units. While we’d still like to see Gamestick in the wild, we’ll wait a little longer for a great product.

Not too long, though.