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Gamestick announces new Kickstarter stretchgoals

Having already surpassed its required funding, GameStick have announced some stretch goals. If the goals are reached, users will have the option to choose the device's colors, and there's potential for MicroSD support as well.
January 9, 2013
gamestick console

GameStick, an Android-based gaming console, recently launched its Kickstarter funding campaign, and the company is already well on its way to achieving its funding goals. The tiny USB stick-sized console isn’t the first Android based device dedicated to gaming, and it’s going to have to go head to head with the OUYA, which already has a bit of a head-start. OUYA also achieved its funding through Kickstarter, amassing an impressive $8,596,474 by last August.

Having already surpassed its required funding of $100,000, which only took around 30 hours, GameStick is celebrating by announcing some stretch goals.

If the project manages to reach funding of $320,000, the developers will make the device available in both black and white. Similarly, if the $450K level is breached, then GameStick will be made available in black, white, red and a color which will be decided by a vote on the GameStick Facebook page. Gun metal grey is currently topping the vote, although personally I’d like a bright orange one.

Finally, if funding reaches a massive $560K, the developers will add a MicroSD card slot to the console, which I assume will allow users to transport saved games, and possibly other features, between devices.

There are also some additional backing options now available. Donors who have already backed the campaign can throw in another $10 for a carry case, and developers who pledge $500 will get a game featured on the main marketplace for 30 days.

For just $79 I can’t wait to see what the console will be capable of. If you want to see the GameStick available in a different color, then you can still donate to the funding campaign until February 1st.