Gameloft is certainly not one of those developing studios that keeps a game in testing for years and only releases a fistful of new titles each season. The French are known for taking risks, trying to diversify their services, and not focusing on just a couple of genres or franchises. This strategy sometimes pays off, while other times fails miserably.

Sure, they also often copy successful products from the competition and get out cheaper rip-offs to draw the interest of unsuspecting gamers, but we’re not here to discuss Gameloft’s way of doing business.

We are here to talk about a little game the French currently have in the making, called Wild Blood. This has been teased a couple of weeks ago with some interesting artwork and is now again under the spotlight with the first gameplay trailer.

Like many Gameloft recent “original” titles, Wild Blood looks like a huge gamble, but can also be accused of ripping off one of the competition’s most popular games. Does Infinity Blade ring any bell? Well, if it doesn’t, you should know that it was an action role-playing game developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games and released for the first time on iOS back in 2010.

Infinity Blade was built on the hugely successful Unreal Engine 3, the same game engine Gameloft is now using for Wild Blood. The similarities between WB and the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons are more than noticeable, but hopefully they won’t bother hardcore Android gamers.

Aside from the possible copying accusations, Gameloft has another bigger issue on its hands with Wild Blood. The hack-and-slash game will clearly be coming with some awesome visuals, so it will probably be impossible for the game to be released free of charge.

Then again, the game developer has made a habit of releasing “premium” titles free-to-play, but with considerable in-app purchases required to enjoy all the games’ functionality. The concept has never really took off though, with users complaining of not knowing the apps’ costs beforehand and giving up on them altogether.

Ideally, Gameloft should not make WB available as a “freemium” title, but if that were to happen, what would be the right price to ask? $4-$5? $7-$8? More? Less? What do you guys think?

Oh right, I’d almost forgotten to mention a few things about this post’s actual topic, the freshly released gameplay trailer for Wild Blood. Well, I only have a couple of things to say about it, which will only increase pressure on Gameloft to get everything right this time. The trailer is beau-ti-ful in every aspect, starting with the awesome music, the atmosphere, the characters’ movements and ending with the visuals.

It doesn’t look like a game with a very complicated storyline, but that’s fine by me. I only want enough bad guys to slay for more than an afternoon or two, some cool weapons at my disposal, good controls, skills and maneuvers, and a decent multiplayer mode. Are you with me?

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