It’s been almost three weeks since the last time we talked about a new Gameloft release for Android, which is like three years in mobile gaming time. Thankfully, the French video game developers are back in the spotlight and with a much cooler title than My Little Pony (not that I have something against “Bronies”).

World at Arms is a free to play “ground-breaking” social game and, you guessed it, you’ll be asked to defend the USA in a war against an evil alliance of highly trained forces known as the KRA (way to be politically correct, Gameloft).

Unfortunately, as most free Gameloft titles, World at Arms will require plenty of in-app purchases to ensure you stand a chance on the battlefield, though, according to some user reviews, the gameplay that you get without paying is pretty decent too.

Talking about user reviews, there seems to be a love-or-hate relationship between Android gamers and World at Arms, with the game scoring 5 stars in 100 Google Play reviews, but also one star in 12. The average is not bad (4.3), and considering most of the folks who are disappointed by the game complain about not being able to play it, you should definitely give it a chance.

The game itself doesn’t look too visually demanding at a first glance, but the graphics are quite complex as you advance in your war campaign of over 75 missions. Combining simulation treats with strategy elements, World at Arms has a very cohesive and immersive in-game experience, with a real eye for details.

Besides engaging in war actions, you’ll be asked to manage the United States economy by collecting resources, building, developing and upgrading bases, so you can imagine this is not just a “dumb” action game. Finally, you should know that you can get help from friends you can connect with via Facebook, Game Center or Gameloft Live, by borrowing their units to defeat tough enemies. Not too shabby for a free game, right? Then drop by Google Play and take it for a spin.