Video game developer Gameloft has its fans and its haters, but if it’s one thing we Android gamers all like about the French company is its dedication to franchises and punctuality in releasing sequels.

The Modern Combat series of first-person shooters didn’t have the best of starts with the visually impressive, but rather glitchy Sandstorm from 2009, but despite that Gameloft stubbornly came back with a sequel in 2010 and a third game in 2011.

The 2010 Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus was a clear evolution over Sandstorm, which is proven by the fact that the game is still a fairly popular title in Google Play, despite having its price stuck to $6.99 for ages.

Last year’s Fallen Nation saw the franchise progressing again, albeit not as much as in 2010. Fallen Nation is also a fairly popular FPS title in Google Play, although its 3-star average rating shows that Gameloft didn’t work very smoothly at the small, but critical details that can make or break a $6.99 action video game.

Hopefully, the fourth installment in the series will see Modern Combat get its groove back once and for all, thus adding to its not very large, but faithful fan base. Zero Hour will be the name of this new game, and, as suspected, it will be released this fall. Gameloft took its time with launching Fallen Nation, which came a year and a month after Black Pegasus, so if that timeframe were to be followed again, Zero Hour should see the light of day sometime in late November.

The first teaser trailer for Modern Combat 4 is up on YouTube already, but it hasn’t been posted by Gameloft. We’re dealing instead with a rather blurry leaked clip recorded (illegally, we suppose) at the Tokyo Game Show Convention.

Assuming that the video is the real deal (and it does look so), it seems that Edward Page, with whom we’re familiar from Fallen Nation, will be the main antagonist of the new game, being the prime suspect of the kidnapping of U.S. president Burke.

Page threatens us that we will “walk away with blood on our hands”, which, given Modern Combat’s track record, was a certainty. There are only a few seconds of in-game footage in the teaser which don’t show us much, but we do expect the visuals to be at least on-par with Fallen Nation’s. We would surely also love to get some extra levels of play (there were only 13 in Modern Combat 3), although we can’t even imagine how much space would the new game then take (the previous one already took 1.4GB).

Most importantly, we would love to see the game actually supported by all Android devices running Froyo and up, which hasn’t happened in the past, but also to not see major glitches like last year’s checking for license every time the game started, thus requiring a permanently active network connection.

What about you? Anything specific you would like to see from Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour? New weapons maybe? More blood and gore? A lower price?