Gameloft is pretty much one of the names to beat in the Android gaming arena. This is mostly because they leveraged a portfolio of great mobile games into a robust catalog of original and ported titles. However, they’ve recently been chafing at the bit in terms of distribution. The company has restricted itself to selling its game from its own online store. It’s a move designed to maximize profits although it limits exposure. Recently though, Gameloft has shown interest in taking things to the Amazon Appstore – mostly because the company felt that it was a sufficiently controlled environment to take a risk in.

However, we’ve recently seen some Gameloft games suddenly springing up on the Android Market – which is decidedly not a closed system. It’s more like a free-for-all on the main hub of Android app trading and it seems counter to the company’s goals of controlling the release of their content.

The two games up in the Android Market are Order & Chaos Online and N.O.V.A. 2 HD. This is while the Amazon Appstore, only has one of those games present. The current situation seems to be that Gameloft is currently experimenting with expanding their distribution model – which is a good thing. Gameloft games for Android are some of the best games for the platform fine and they could benefit with more exposure and increased availability. However, they really should decide on a final approach for their distribution needs; offering up all their games on Amazon’s Appstore may be their best bet if they want to retain more control over their sales, though only time will tell.

Source: Android Central

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