GameLoft has released a video developer diary of its upcoming game Real Football 2013 (Real Soccer 2013 if you’re in the U.S), showing off a bunch of new features, including a brand new gameplay mode.

The developer diary shows off new features via interviews with the game designers. According to designer Simone, the game is completely different than Real Football 2012, which is a refreshing change from the normally small changes seen in yearly updated sports games. Another designer mentions that the team spent a lot of time studying real pictures of stadiums in an effort to better recreate them in-game.

In addition to nice touches such as real pictures of real players, more variation in stadiums, and more realistic characters with better animation, the brand new manager mode brings gameplay never before seen in the series. This new mode has players controlling every aspect of their team, from managing stadiums down to having to construct buildings for training and player recovery.

Hit the video below for the full scoop. Has it got you excited for Real Football 2013?