Dungeon Hunter 4

The release of the fourth iteration of Dungeon Hunter may finally be upon us as developer Gameloft has started hinting the game’s arrival through its Twitter account.

The tweet merely indicates that Dungeon Hunter 4 is coming but no exact release date is mentioned. Apart from that, the game is expected to have a new story and dungeons to explore. Loots have also been refreshed, as well as the crafting system. That’s about everything the tweet has to say. That, and Gameloft claims DH4 to come with the best elements of RPG and action.

Dungeon Hunter 4 tweet


On the other hand, the developer’s Google+ account has uploaded a new photo (shown at the top of this post) with the following announcement:

A new chapter in the iconic saga awaits, with a return to dungeon crawling, a new story, more RPG features, special FX, & much more!

Hopefully, Dungeon Hunter 4 goes back to being a premium game instead of freemium and making use of in-app purchases in order to be enjoyable to play. Just take EA’s Real Racing 3 as an example. Racing in that game is interrupted by repairs and tune-ups that require hours of waiting unless you spend real money to speed up the timer. What a bummer.