burger joint

“Watch carefully as ingredients fall from the top of the screen, and tap the plates to juggle toppings into just the right position. The higher you stack, the more points you’ll earn. Every level gives you access to more ingredients, so use your imagination and come up with the tastiest combinations possible.” Sounds simple enough, but Burger Joint will quickly bowl you over if you are not paying attention. It’s fast paced, challenging, and fun. While all that sounds good, can a few potentially rough spots ruin a fun experience?


Burger Joint is a cross between Tetris and Bejewled which ends up to be pretty challenging. When I first started playing, it was really easy to learn and really simple to level. As I got higher in the levels, more ingredients were added to the game-play and its difficulty quickly rose. Overall, I found the game controls were intuitive and responsive; my only frustration came from my inability to think quick enough to play beyond easy.


The graphics and audio for Burger Joint are pretty simple. Although Skip and friends are cute and all, they definitely do not save your eyes from the average graphics. While average and simple graphics may seem bad, it did mean I could play the game on even my fiance’s old Hero. Audio is much the same. I did the same thing with it on Burger Joint that I do for most games, I turned it down after a few minutes. The audio drones on and repeats the same stuff over and over, so turning on my own music was the solution to this. Because Burger Joint is a Puzzle game, these factors really do not affect the game as it would in an action type of game; still they do kind of disappoint.


I came across a few technical issues with Burger Join. I had problems getting it installed on two of my phones. I found it was not compatible with ICS on my Rezound and Xoom. My fiance’s Droid 3 did not find the game in the market, although it is supposedly supported. The only phone I did have that I could install it on, was, as I said above, my fiance’s kids Hero.

Also I found I could not move the game to my SD card due to the application being copy protected. In general, this is not a problem for me, but if I am going to leave the game on the kids’ Hero I will need to move that 13 meg’s over to the SD card due to lack of space on the older device. The last issue I ran into was with the main menu of the game. For some reason (I think the ad), the bottom of the main menu was pushed off the screen. For the most part this was more annoying then anything else, but still it detracted from the overall polish of the experience.


I had a hard time writing some parts of this review. The good is that, overall, I really did enjoy the game. Burger Joint was challenging, fun, and not to complex. On the other hand, this quirky puzzle-type game really had some rough spots. Beyond the graphics and audio being at best average, the technical issues really made it hard for me to fully experience what Burger Joint was all about. I do hope that, with time, the creators of Burger Joint will get this game running for all to enjoy it.

You can find Burger Joint on Google Play here.