Are you a fan of the epic HBO TV series – and the superb novels – the Game of Thrones? If you’re still trying to make your way through the books, whilst waiting for season 3 to start on the small screen, we know how difficult it can be to follow the story.

While it’s easy enough to hop on Wikia to try and make a better sense of the book’s often twisted storyline and characters, now there’s an alternative for those who like to get their fix of the hit show on Android devices. Previously released on iOS, the Game of Thrones Android app – A World of Ice and Fire – has landed on the Play Store.

The app features profiles for over 540 characters complete with artwork, 380 places, and major houses, as well as interactive world maps. Rooting for Daenerys? Well, you can easily learn more things about her, such as her detailed bio, family and house information, and more.

You can download the app for free, but it only lets you access the InfoPack from the first book. Each additional book companion will set you back $1. You might as well grab the complete set for $5 and get a bonus InfoPack.

Hit the link below to get your copy now. To get you in the medieval mood, we’ve also embedded the latest Game of Thrones trailer above. Enjoy!

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