App discovery on the Android platform has been an issue since the beginning. With so many apps and games in Google Play, browsing can take forever and top ten lists return the same old results time after time. What if you could filter the Android games on offer using a series of traits? That’s the aim of the Game Genome Project.

Instead of relying on sales or ratings you could select from “hundreds of mapped traits” to find the ideal game for you. The idea is simple – you spend some time determining the traits that you seek in a game and the “unique algorithms” go to work finding the best options for you. You’ll also be able to save your trait combos and get alerts when something fitting your desires hits the market.

The project is going to be rolled into the popular app recommendation app, Best Apps Market. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a highly rated app discovery tool.

The Game genome Project is due to launch in October, according to its website. In the meantime you can get a flavor of the service using Blender which lets you pick four traits – Device, Theme, Speed, and Skills. To give you an example I chose Swipe, Undead, In Turns, and Strategy and it suggested Zombie Granny: puzzle game, Zombie Defense Free, Zombies Rising, and Unblock Mummy Free. It also suggested Angry Birds.

The full version will have a lot more trait options and it obviously just matches as many as it can to score hits for your search. Looks like it could be a really useful tool for those of us with specific tastes in Android gaming.