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Have you ever played a game and thought to yourself, “I could make this better“? If so, why not take those bright ideas and use them to build one yourself?

If you’re interested but unsure where to start, the 2019 Game Dev and Design Mega Mastery Bundle is the perfect level one. Today is a great time to enroll too as all this training is 98% off for the next few days.

This humongous bundle is a hub of knowledge for game development. Don’t worry if you’re a complete novice; the training kit teaches you by distilling over 160 hours of content into easy and digestible steps.

You'll be armed with the technical skill to code, animate, model, and more.

160 hours may sound tiresome, but it’s not like you’ll be sitting there listening to an audiobook the entire time. This kit gets your hands dirty quickly and you’ll be crafting your very own Flappy Bird clone from the get-go. You’ll also be introduced to the beginner-friendly Unity 5 game engine. 

Once you complete all ten parts of the bundle, you’ll be armed with the technical skill to code, animate, model, and more.

The Game Development Bundle highlights:

Typically, these kits together would cost you over $2,000. Thankfully, there’s a special promotion going on right now that drops that price to just $39.

This amazing deal expires soon, so it’s time to turn your cool ideas into reality. Click the button below to find out more.

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