Android now has the most free apps in the world – indeed true! And guess what, big names in the gaming industry prefer Android as their gaming platform of choice over Apple too. We all know that Apple’s iPhone, iPad as well as its iTouch have ruled the mobile gaming world for a  few years, and even Nintendo will admit it. But, who would ever think that Android will go beyond Apple when it comes to game companies’ preference?

Seemingly, these game companies do believe that Android rules over Apple: NVIDIA, GameStop, OnLive, Sony, Alienware and Valve.

The question you probably have on your your minds is this: What’s with Android? Simply put, there are certain things that gaming companies can do with Android which would be impossible to do with Apple. For instance, Sony wanted to make good use of the controller built into the Xperia Play and the multitouch screen on its imminent NGP game console suggests that it probably has learned a lot from Android too.

Furthermore, various game developers are figuring out that their games perform better on Android than iOS. The game company Spacetime Studios has learned that their Pocket Legends MMORPG earns much more money on Android than on iOS, although the iOS version has been out for a long time already.

It is a fact that Android may have lost favor with a few big game companies like Gameloft and others. While Gameloft and Rovio both opted to not sell their games on the Android Market, they did however decide to partner with Amazon’s Appstore for Android, which has indicated to us that Android’s open platform has found a way to accommodate them.

The bottom line is – whether any of this develops into real games, or a better gaming experience on Android, is anybody’s guess. Many of these developments would simply be impossible on iOS, nonetheless.

The flexibility that Android has afforded developers and manufacturers alike is just beginning to be understood. Either way, the future is bright for gaming companies, developers, and most importantly us – the everyday users.

Should we count this as one more reason Android is better then the alternatives?

Source: Yahoo News