Madden NFL 12 was just released last month for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, just in time for football season starting this September 11. What you might not know is that Madden NFL 12 by EA Sports was also released for Android.  This game is for all of you Android-toting football fanatics out there.

Madden NFL 12 costs US$6.99 from the Android Market, and that may or may not be too steep for you. Being a huge football fan myself, I would recommend this game to football lovers, as this game is truly worth more than its price.  Casual game players, however, might not find that much value for money in this game app.

If you’re a football fan, this game will make you more than happy with the features it includes such as the following:

  • Making trades between teams
  • Editing depth charts
  • Playing as your favorite team
  • Playing throughout the 2011-2012 season to try to make it to the playoffs
  • Ability to edit and draw up your own defensive and offensive plays
  • Game play mode that allows you to replay the 2010 playoffs and Super Bowl

The game play is decent but I was able to find a few irritating aspects of the game that I consider minor and that may not bother football fans that much.  But, this uncomfortable game behavior can easily frustrate casual game players.

Running the ball is truly difficult even at the lowest difficulty level.  The running back seems to fall down too easily.  Also, while you are passing the ball, the controls tend to become unresponsive from time to time.  If you don’t own an Android phone that has at least a 1.0-GHz processor, the game will be very sluggish at times.

Despite the annoyances I just mentioned, this is truly a solid good game.  The graphics are impressive for a mobile game.  The controls are well-placed; for a mobile game, the placement of the game controls seems well-thought out.  The developers did a good job of creating a great interface, as well.

With an update to fix the passing responsiveness and the running back’s being tackled too easily, Madden NFL 12 would most likely turn into one of the most-downloaded game apps on the Android Market.

See the game in action in this video review:

So, what do you think? Is this worth the US$6.99 price tag? If so, what team will you be playing with?

Vinny Marino

Vinny, is a huge mobile technology enthusiast. He is constantly reading up on the latest Android news. Vinny also enjoy’s what he does here, making stellar app, game and custom rom video reviews, as well as creating some great how to video’s. While Vinny isn’t all wrapped up in android he enjoys rooting on his favorite football team on Tv.