Great news for Galaxy Tab owners!

Thanks to the hard work of XDA Technomancer, you will soon be able to enjoy Android Gingerbread in the form of CyanogenMod 7 on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Technomancer is working on getting a completely stable build with Google’s latest Android version, 2.3.2. So far, most of the basic functions work, but have to we warn you that this build might not fit your needs completely, as there are still some things that are quite buggy. Good progress is being made as we speak, and the developer is working hard. Updates are being made quite frequently, and we expect a stable build will be delivered within a short amount of time.

This particular flavor of Gingerbread for your Galaxy Tab is not 100% functional and you will need to have a GSM version of the device. This means that if you have the European of US variant, than you are going to be able to get Gingerbread on your Galaxy Tab. Tabs that are available on T-Mobile and ATT, with JJ4 or other unprotected bootloaders will do just fine. Also, the product must be able to run Euro ROMs and P1_add_hidden partitioning.

Good luck! Head over to the XDA Forums for a better idea of how to do it, and what’s required.

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You flash it at your own risk. Backup everything. Learn how to use Heimdall. If it eats your dog it’s not my problem. Many things are broken – post about it in the thread if nobody posted before. If you have any idea how to fix things, post too or PM me.

So, the message is quite obvious: if you’re an advanced user, any help would really be appreciated. In the end, that’s what a development community is for: to share ideas and work together to find a solution! You can find more on this thread.

Of course, the real question now is whether, and if so, when you will get Android 3.0 Honeycomb on your Galaxy Tab. There were numerous reports earlier that Honeycomb would require a dual core processor to operate, but we have since learned that this is not the case. While not required,  a dual-core Cortex A9 processor or greater will certainly ensure that Honeycomb runs properly, which the Tab sadly lacks.Either way, we will work hard to find out the best info to help you get the latest and greatest flavor of Android on your Tab. Stay tuned for more!

Good luck!

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