samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 review (1 of 27)

Samsung impressed us with some outstanding tablets at their Galaxy Tab S announcement, last month. Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 are great devices, but are they what you are looking for? Samsung aims to demystify your doubts with the new Galaxy Tab S Experience app.

This handy application brings presentations and tutorials of all the features and characteristics the new Galaxy Tab S devices have to offer. In other words, you can “experience” the Galaxy Tab S through any device. For example, this tool offers a virtual comparison between LCD and Samsung’s stunning Super AMOLED panels. You can easily compare contrast and colors.


Of course, you are still looking at your own display, making the experience less than accurate, but it gives you a good idea. We are sure you won’t be disappointed by Samsung’s screens, though. AMOLED displays are known for their quality, and these panels were proven to be the best in the tablet market.

Also included are some demos that showcase the main features packed in Samsung’s UI. You can test their UI, multi-tasking features and even the fingerprint reader functions. They have also included some size and weight comparisons with common objects, as well as a quick look at their accessories.


Nothing beats holding a device and using it, but those who can’t reach a Galaxy Tab S unit right away should definitely give this app (which is basically advertising) a go. You can also check out our very own Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 review.

After all, these tablets are far from being affordable, starting at $399 for the 8.4-inch version and $499 for the 10.5-inch iteration. You will need to do your research and be sure of your decision before buying into Samsung’s new devices. Go ahead and download the Galaxy Tab S Experience Android app straight from the Google Play Store.

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