Looks like Samsung really doesn’t know what they are going to do with your original Galaxy S phone or your original Galaxy Tab 7-inch. Yesterday, we told you they were re-evaluating getting ICS on those devices, and now today, we’ve learned that Samsung will update these devices with a “value pack”.

So what exactly is a value pack? From what we understand it will bring a lot of the sexiness of ICS without the hassle of a full OS update, which we know how much of a nightmare that is, right?

So maybe the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab won’t be getting full fledged Android 4.0, but an update is better then no update at all right? This will probably satisfy the typical consumer, but for those of us that have to have the latest and greatest in technology, we will probably be looking to get a new Android device. Based on how slow OS updates have come to fruition on Android because of carriers and manufacturers, most people will probably be looking for the Galaxy Nexus, with the pure Google experience.

So what do you think Samsung will eventually do with the original Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S line? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Daum.net (translated)

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