We have just talked about the U.S. and Australian Apple vs Samsung lawsuits, but these two companies are fighting it out in other regions of the world including Europe and Asia. And it’s in Europe where Apple just scored a win but also lost a verdict in its case against Samsung.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 sales banned EU-wide

First off, we’ll start with the bad news for Samsung. Another one of its Galaxy-branded devices has been banned, and we’re looking at a EU-wide injunction this time around. Sure, this is a preliminary ruling, and Samsung is going to appeal it, but it’s apparently a decision that confirms a previous win for Apple in Germany – the injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was obtained last year. That decision also included the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

In fact, Samsung was forced to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from its booth at IFA 2011, alongside all the signs showing the tablet that was announced at the German show due to that Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction won by Apple.

But now, under this new ruling, Galaxy Tab 7.7 sales are banned in all the 27 countries members of the European Union.

Galaxy Tab 10.1N injunction denied

Following the injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany – the one we mentioned above – Samsung came out with an alternative design for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 model and called it the Galaxy Tab 10.1N (the device featured a thicker bezel). That tablet version looked slightly different than the original Galaxy Tab 10.1  and Galaxy Tab 10.1v that were unveiled in early 2011, and it looked different than the iPad – see the following image.

Galaxy Tab 10.1N (above) vs Galaxy Tab 10.1

Thus, the German courts decided not to include the Galaxy Tab 10.1N in the inunctions awarded to Apple, and the iPad maker appealed that ruling. The same German courts now dismissed the appeal and the Galaxy Tab 10.1N will continue to sell in the region.

An injunction against the same Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been obtained by Apple in the USA recently (Samsung lost two appeals already) but not in the UK, where a judge deemed the tablet “not as cool” as the iPad and therefore not capable of infringing Apple patents.

We’ll be back with more news on this legal battle of impressive proportion, as it’s the kind of fight between titans that could affect the whole mobile environment.

Galaxy Tab 10.1N (above) vs Galaxy Tab 10.1
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