Perhaps the most requested feature for Samsung’s initial tablets was the brilliant SuperAMOLED+ display. Everyone expected it to be on Samsung’s original 7″ tablet, but Samsung chose to use a high quality LCD panel instead, because SuperAMOLED displays are still significantly more expensive than LCD displays.

Now, for the first time ever, Samsung is putting the SuperAMOLED+ display on their upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet – and it comes with a higher resolution as well for a 7″-ish tablet – 1280×800 – the same resolution on the 10″ tablets. That means a higher pixel density for the display, which coupled with the extremely vivid colors of the SuperAMOLED+, it should offer a very enjoyable experience.

Samsung has definitely made their SuperAMOLED display one very strong differentiating factor that sets them apart from the other manufacturers. It’s no wonder then that they aren’t so willing to sell them to other manufacturers.

The 7.7″ tablet comes with Honeycomb 3.2 and Samsung’s Touchwiz skin on top, which in my opinion actually improves Honeycomb a little bit – at least I like where they are going with their widgets, which seem to look cleaner on the homescreen than the original widgets. It also comes with a dual core 1.4 Ghz CPU (presumably Exynos), 16-64 GB of internal storage, SD card, which is a first for Samsung’s tablets, 3 and 2 MP cameras on the back and in front, a large 5100 mAh battery which gives 10h of use time, and Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n WiFi.

I think I like this tablet size better than 7″, which seems too small to me. I think a ~8″ tablet is better for reading books on it, especially when it’s so light, it’s unbelievable. It only weighs 335 grams, which is only ~10% heavier than a Kindle 3, but has a significantly larger screen.

The 7.7″ looks like another winning product from Samsung which has been putting out only high-quality devices later. If there’s one company from the Android ecosystem that can take on Apple, that’s definitely Samsung. But from what I’ve seen at IFA today, it looks like there will be other companies putting out high-quality products in the near future as well.

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