With Android devices eating away at Apple’s dominance of the tablet market, there has been a lot of talk about when Samsung might announce details about their next tablet. Well, Greek site Techblog has apparently leaked the specs of the rumored Galaxy Tab 3 series, which might help Samsung usurp Apple’s leading position.

The Galaxy Tab 3 looks like it will come in two versions, the Tab 3 10.1 and Tab 3 8.0. The initial differences between the two versions are mainly the screen sizes, although the 10.1 model obviously has a larger battery than the 8-incher.

Design-wise, the image that Techblog supplied along with the supposed specs of the two Galaxy Tab 3 models suggests that Samsung will go for the rounded edges look of the Galaxy Note 8 and the Note 10.1.

According to the leak, the Galaxy Tab 3 is set to be powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and feature 16GB of internal storage space. Another difference between the two devices is the amount of RAM – the 10.1 has 2GB, whilst the Tab 3 8.0 will have 1GB of RAM running the system. Both models will run on the 4.1 version of Jelly Bean, which is a step up from the previous model. However, these specifications are not different from the current Galaxy Tab 2 models, which questions their veracity.

The alleged leaked information suggests that we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on the two devices, with a release date supposedly slated for May for the 3G versions, and June/July for the 4G LTE models.

Andrew Roach

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