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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 family to include a 2560x1600 display tablet

Techkiddy has managed to delve into Samsung's User Agent profiles, the results of which confirm that there will be three variants of the Galaxy Tab 3 heading our way.
January 30, 2013

Trying to work out exactly what we’ll be seeing in Samsung’s next line-up of tablets is a bit confusing. We’ve had various model numbers thrown around, rumored screen sizes, and code-names announced, but narrowing down exactly where each product will end-up in the line-up has been a difficult task.

Fortunately, Techkiddy is shedding some light on the situation. Having just given us some leaked benchmarks for the rumored Tab 3 Plus, they’ve also come up with some User Agent profiles, which confirm that there will be three variants of the Galaxy Tab 3 heading our way.

Hidden within the data, we can identify three distinct devices with the model numbers GT-P3200, GT-P5200 and the GT-P8200. Interestingly, the data also tells us a little bit about each device.

The GT-P3200 will definitely be the entry level device in the new Galaxy Tab 3 series, as it will come with a standard 1024×600 resolution display. This is exactly the same as the display resolution in the current 7 inch Galaxy Tab 2.

Next up is the GT-P5200, which has a display resolution of 1280×800. Whilst this is the current display resolution of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 2, there’s also the GT-8200 which has a display boasting an impressive 2500×1600 pixels. It looks like the GT-8200 will be the new high end 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 3, but where does that leave the GT-5200?

It was rumoured that the GT-5200 would be Samsung’s new 10.1 inch tablet, and if these rumors are still true then Samsung will have two large tablets on sales at once, possibly a Tab 3 and Tab 3 Plus? But if the benchmark evidence that the GT-8200 is only packing a dual-core processor is accurate then Samsung could have two 10.1 inch tablets on the market, but neither of them will be sporting a quad-core processor. It’s certainly a bit perplexing.

On the other hand, as none of the tablet sizes are completely confirmed, it’s possible that the GT5200 could sit somewhere in between the other two, possibly as an 8 inch tablet with some beefed up hardware compared with the GT-P3200.

Given Samsung’s recent history of announcing weird smartphone models, it wouldn’t surprise me if the same mentality has leaked over to their tablet designers. But I’m going to stop speculating now, as I could easily turn out to be completely wrong.