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Latest leak suggests the Galaxy S6 will be just 6.91mm thin

Yet another schematic of the Galaxy S6 design has surfaced, this one showcasing the actual phone itself along with size/dimensions. Small is all!

Published onFebruary 6, 2015

galaxy s6 leak schematic (2)
Alleged look at GS6.

These days it seems like every hour is met with another rumor, purported leak, or claim about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, or the still-don’t-know-if-it-exists Galaxy S Edge. If one were to be pinching all the salt sprinkled, they would have chronic hypertension already. All we actually do know is that Samsung will unveil the S6 on March 1st, Samsung has sent an MWC invitation with a clearly curved creation, and that Samsung has in fact, patented a dual Edge display.

The latest in the stream of might-be-possibly Galaxy S6 leaks are actual design sketches that offer the clearest look yet at what might possibly be the upcoming flagship.

galaxy s6 leak schematic (1)


As you can see, the device pictured is to be only 6.91mm thick, which would make it very trim and slim indeed. Other notables include the volume buttons which are now separated, and the rounded edges. There also appears to be what looks like a SIM tray along the right side of the device, which would substantiate the rumors that the S6 will not feature a removable battery (something further suggested by the extremely thin dimensions of this product). Finally, the placement of the flash/bio-metric sensor to the right of the rear camera matches up with the recent spade of case renders seen.

These design sketches were leaked a short while ago, and match up with the phone blueprint contained in this post. Could this be the actual design of the S6?

Some have already commented that the device pictured looks quite similar to the existing Galaxy S products which would directly contradict the stance that Samsung will build the S6 from the ground up, however it’s important to remember that internal components are just as important as external design elements, and thus it’s way too early to make a final judgement call either way, assuming this even is the final product.

spigen galaxy S6 case (1)
If this case render is legitimate, the S6 would theoretically look quite similar to the Galaxy S5 when covered up. But what of the idea that Samsung is building the product from scratch?

The unknown source of the new leak doesn’t add to the credibility of the image, and when one considers that dozens upon dozens of designs may be considered for a product, we must advise readers to remain skeptical until further notice.

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