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The day Samsung fans have long anticipated is upon us. Six weeks after its official unveiling at MWC in Barcelona, the Galaxy S5 is going today on sale in 125 markets from Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America, and most of Asia.

We’ve already walked you through many of the most important things to know about the Galaxy S5, but in case you missed it, or if you want a bird’s eye view of everything, we’ve broken everything in bit-sized chunks in this post.

1. Galaxy S5 review

Still on the fence? Our Galaxy S5 review can help you decide if you want it or not.

2. What’s new in software?

When you power the Galaxy S5 up, these are some of the biggest changes in the software department you can expect.

3. Fingerprint scanner – is that any good?

Marketing aside, is the fingerprint scanner a compelling reason to buy the Galaxy S5? We explain it here.

4. Shutterbugs, check this out

If the camera is what you’re after, don’t miss our camera shootout.

5. The competition

Maybe the Galaxy S5 isn’t for you. How about the HTC One M8? Or the Xperia Z2? Or the Oppo Find 7?

6. Worth upgrading?

If you already got the Galaxy S4, are the new features on the S5 worth shelling out your hard earned money?

7. Where do I get it from in the US?

8. Region locking

Like the Note 3, the Galaxy S5 is region-locked. That means you will need to make at least five minutes of phone calls on a carrier from the region you bought it from before you can use it in another region. Details here.

9. How does waterproofing work?

The Galaxy S5 is guaranteed to withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to one 1 meter of water. It might survive more than that, but there’s no guarantee. You will need to make sure the back cover is properly snapped into position and that the cover on the bottom is secured.

10. Accessories

If you want a smart cover, we suggest choosing a Samsung one or one from a manufacturer that specifically guarantees compatibility. We’ll be updating this post with a list of best accessories.

11. What about those smartwatches?

In some markets, you might be offered a bundle with the Gear Neo, Gear 2, or Gear Fit.

12. Tell me about the color options

There are four color options, but depending on your market and carrier not all of them may be available to you. See our comparison.

13. Galaxy S5 user manual

Consult the Galaxy S5 user guide here.

14. Get your freebies

The Galaxy S5 comes with FIFA 14 pre-installed and a bunch of subscriptions and free apps. Check them out here.