Samsung wants to convince you that you too can shot great video on your smartphone, especially if said smartphone happens to be a Galaxy S5.

A new short film titled “Sunrise to Sunset” is showcasing the Galaxy S5’s video shooting capabilities, including HDR and Full HD video, and we have to say we’re impressed with the result.

Sure, the 1:25 spot  is likely the work of several professionals that have worked for days in controlled conditions to bring you the most eye-pleasing footage. Sadly, Samsung has not shared any details from behind the scenes, other than to state that the entire video was shot exclusively with the Galaxy S5. But you too can do a better job if you follow a few simple rules.

The Galaxy S5 is capable of shooting video at up to 4K, though at this resolution, modes like HDR and slow-motion are disabled. Learn more about the S5’s photo-video abilities in our camera shootout.

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