samsung galaxy s5 teaser o2

The first carrier to begin teasing the Samsung Galaxy S5 is Germany’s O2. The operator put up a page showing the Galaxy S5 submerged in water, suggesting the device will be water resistant.

Update: as reader Roland said in the comments, O2 often uses water imagery in its marketing materials, so this teaser doesn’t necessarily mean the device will be water resistant. We apologize for the confusion.

Visiting this address lets users sign up for a Samsung device that “can do more”. Under a headline that translates to “Anticipation high 5” we see the vague outline of the device surrounded in bubbles. The Galaxy S5 is not mentioned anywhere, but the URL of the page and filenames of images from the page both include it, leaving no doubt that O2 is teasing Samsung’s next flagship here.

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Carriers typically put up pages like this after Samsung makes the official announcement of a new device, so it’s possible that someone pulled the trigger early here. The text in the red dot says the device would launch at the end of February, though that’s no surprise, given that Samsung has scheduled an Unpacked event during MWC, ten days from now.

We’ve heard several distinct rumors that at least one version of the upcoming Galaxy S5 would feature water resistance. It’s even possible that Samsung will ruggedize the mainstream version, inspired by the success of Sony’s line of waterproof phones. Stay tuned for more.