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Galaxy S5 leaks: first image sample and model numbers?

Today’s serving of Galaxy S5 rumors and leaks includes an alleged image sample taken with the S5 and the full list of model numbers of the SM-G900.
January 29, 2014
galaxy s5 sample

Today’s serving of Galaxy S5 rumors and leaks comes courtesy of @evleaks and the folks at Sam Mobile.

Starting off with @evleaks, the habitual leaker published what could be the first sample image taken with the Galaxy S5 to surface online. The image above doesn’t tell us more about the S5’s camera quality, but it does seem to confirm that the device will feature a 16MP camera sensor, as several reports have previously suggested.

The image was shared from the Flipboard news and social curation app by user @123fliptest about three weeks ago. The EXIF data reveals the resolution of the original file was 5,312 × 2,988 (about 16MP), but given the 16:9 format of the shot, it’s possible that the camera used to take it had a 21MP resolution in the standard 4:3 format.

Jeffrey's Exif viewer 39 001232

According to the EXIF data, the shot was taken with a SAMSUNG-SM-G900V, which could be Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S5 (see below). That’s presuming the image metadata was not tampered with, which is relatively easy to do. In other words, take it with some salt.

Moving on to Sam Mobile’s leak, which supposedly comes from a trusted source, the following are the model numbers for all variants of the SM-G900, widely assumed (but not known for sure) to be the Galaxy S5:

  • SM-G9006V_CHN_CHN (China)
  • SM-G9008V_CHN_ZM (China)
  • SM-G9009D_CHN_CTC (China)
  • SM-G900A_NA_ATT (AT&T)
  • SM-G900D_JPN_DCM (Japan)
  • SM-G900F_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
  • SM-G900H_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
  • SM-G900I_SEA_XSA (Asia)
  • SM-G900J_JPN_KDI (Japan)
  • SM-G900K_KOR_KTC (Korea)
  • SM-G900M_LA_VF (Vodafone)
  • SM-G900P_NA_SPR (Sprint)
  • SM-G900R4_NA_USC (US Cellular)
  • SM-G900S_KOR_SKC (Korea)
  • SM-G900T_NA_TMB (T-Mobile)
  • SM-G900V_NA_VZW (Verizon)
  • SM-G900W8_NA_BMC (BMC)

No surprises here: the Galaxy S5 will come to all major carriers in the US, Japan, Europe, China, and South Korea. These numbers don’t reveal anything by themselves, but they should come in handy in the following weeks, when more details are bound to trickle out as the S5’s launch approaches.

After what seems to be a false alarm about the Galaxy S5 launching at MWC, out best guess for the release of Samsung’s highly anticipated device is March. This year, Samsung is determined to recapture our attention with a radically different design and a back to basics approach. In other words, the Galaxy S5 should be nothing like its predecessors.