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Rumors of a so-called “Prime” version of the Galaxy S5 have been surfacing since the beginning of the year, and now a new report claims Samsung will release the device sometime in June.

The report is based on “industry sources” cited by Korean website Asia Today. While one story based on anonymous sources doesn’t normally qualify as solid information, this one does appear to corroborate earlier reports, including one based on our own sources.

Other Korean websites claimed the S5 Prime would be released in early summer. In addition, just days ahead of the release of the Galaxy S5 at MWC in Barcelona, a trusted source told Android Authority that T-Mobile would release a version of the Galaxy S5 in the US in June. At the time, we predicted that this version would be the Galaxy S5 Prime (tentative name), rumored to feature a Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 805 processor, and 3GB of RAM.

Besides specifying the release window of the S5 Prime, Asia Today claims that Samsung will focus on European and North American markets for this premium device, which seems a sensible approach for a device that will probably enjoy a limited production run.

While our speculation is based – for now – on rumors and circumstantial evidence, it looks more and more likely that the fabled premium S5 is in the pipeline.

Samsung obviously has reasons to delay the revealing of the souped-up S5 for as long as possible – the company doesn’t want customers to wait to make a purchase, or worse, choose competing devices from the likes of HTC, LG, or Oppo. However, if the rumors are accurate, some more concrete evidence of the existence of the Galaxy S5 Prime should pop up in the following weeks.