Official Samsung Galaxy S5 cover

Samsung showed off accessories for the new Galaxy S5 last week at MWC, but now we have some prices to associate with the pretty pictures.

UK-based accessories retailer MobileFun put up for preorder cases and covers for the Galaxy S5, leaking at the same time the first press shots of these accessories. The caveat is retailers sometimes guestimate prices for products they put on preorder, so there’s a chance these price tags are not accurate. However, judging from the cost of similar Galaxy S4 accessories, we believe that these prices are close to reality.

While the Galaxy S5 is still a month away, here’s what you can order right now:

  • Galaxy S5 Hard Case Cover (grey) – €24.49
  • Galaxy S5 Flip Wallet Cover (White, Blue Black, Blue Topaz, Rose Gold, Glam Pink) – €36.99
  • Galaxy S5 S-View Cover Case (White, Blue Black, Topaz Blue, Rose Gold, Glam Pink) – €54.99
  • Galaxy S5 S View Wireless Charging Cover (white or black) – €66.99

As for when exactly you will get to spend close to 100 bucks on a phone cover, MobileFun lists shipping times as two months.

And here’s what your investment will net you:

Galaxy s5 covers press (2)
Galaxy s5 covers press (3)
Galaxy s5 covers press (4)
Galaxy s5 covers press (1)

Looking at these price tags, it’s hard not to think about the allegations that Samsung is locking down the accessories ecosystem in order to reap more profit for itself. In January, a software update for the Galaxy Note 3 caused some third-party smart covers to stop working, but the ensuing backlash caused Samsung to backtrack and blame an error.

With the Galaxy S5, Samsung has the chance to implement restrictions from the beginning without infuriating customers. It’s also possible that Samsung gave up on the idea after the Note 3 debacle. We’ll see in a couple of months.

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