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Newest Galaxy S5 ad shows fun, fast, fresh

April 11, 2014

Samsung has put out a new 30-second ad for its latest baby, the Samsung Galaxy S5. In just a half minute, the ad courses through so many wonderful ideas and concepts, as well as fascinating phone features without losing track of its main emphases — what one’s life can be if it is powered by the Galaxy S5.

The narration itself explicitly characterizes that kind of life as being able to “capture life in a blink,” “download the world in an instant,” and “live carefree.” All of these are fueled by three of the Galaxy S5’s chief features: fast camera autofocus, fast network experience, and water and dust resistance features.

The first few seconds of the ad immediately bring to the fore images of life’s little pleasures (depicted by children enjoying the cool spray of water from a fire hydrant on what seems to be a hot and humid day), of one’s becoming suddenly aware of such pleasures, of one’s wanting to capture such moments of human satisfaction, and of being actually able to do so (thanks to the Galaxy S5’s features, especially the fast camera).

Samsung selfies

Samsung didn’t forget the selfie, of course, making sure to dedicate several of the ad’s precious seconds to selfie moments that the Galaxy S5 can provide to its owner.

Woven throughout the ad is the theme of exhilaration and of being refreshed — feelings that may well be what Galaxy S5 users will encounter after having experienced the dullness, slowness, and dryness of yesterday’s technology.

The ad’s closing hints at the Galaxy S5’s ability to make photos and videos seem realistic.

Fun and fast

Overall, the ad is fast-paced, fun, easy on the eyes and mind, and straightforward in a creative way. It simply shows the viewer some of the great things that the phone can do without putting the viewer or Samsung’s competitors on the defensive.

Have you seen Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy S5? What do you think of it? How does it make you feel? Does it make you want the Galaxy S5 more? Does it make you want the Galaxy S5 at all? Share your thoughts in the comments.