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Galaxy S5 low lens production yields could delay launch in some regions

Speaking with ETNews, a Samsung Electronics insider has revealed that the Galaxy S5's camera lens is suffering from low production yields, which could impact the device's launch schedule.
March 17, 2014
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The camera in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 was one of the features which impressed us the most during our hands on at MWC, however it seems that Samsung is having some problems with the camera’s production. Speaking with ETNews, a Samsung Electronics insider has revealed that yields for the camera’s new lens module is currently stuck at around just 20-30 percent.

Samsung originally planned to begin production of the 16 million pixel camera module a month ago. However, production has now fallen behind schedule, as the lens production yield is still too low.

“On a thin lens, even the slightest flaw results in a considerable optical distortion,” Samsung Electronics insider

The yield issues appear to stem from the need to create thinner lenses for Samsung’s new camera. The 16 megapixel module’s lens is built from six different plastic parts, compared with five for last gen’s 13 Megapixel module. However, the thickness of the combined parts cannot exceed the existing size, as this would make the module too large.

Therefore, Samsung is having to make each of the layers a little thinner, and has moved over to a more accurate mold technology in order to produce and join all the parts together. Each of these plastic layers needs to be perfectly joined together along the same axis so as not to distort the image passing through the lens, and this is what’s causing the yield problems.

“There may be difficulties in the earlier phase of production. However, we will be able to increase the yield within a short period of time.” 

As Samsung is falling behind with its production schedule, it’s likely that the company will struggle to meet its release deadline with a sufficient supply of handsets. Whilst Samsung will be reluctant to delay the launch of the Galaxy S5 globally, specific regions could see their launch delayed in order to ensure product availability in Samsung’s largest and most important markets.

Samsung is on the case though, despite these early stage problems, the insider expects that production yields should increase within a short period of time. We should learn more about how this will affect the availability of the Galaxy S5 as we near next month’s April 11th launch date.