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S Health updated, Galaxy S5 heart rate sensor can now check your stress levels

A new update to the S Health app makes it possible to check your stress levels using the heart rate sensor on the Galaxy S5.
May 26, 2014

When the Galaxy S5 debuted back at MWC, one of the more curious features was the heart rate sensor. Considering the limited use-case scenarios when built into a phone, the HR sensor seemed like an odd inclusion for the Galaxy S5 and more of a novelty than anything.

For those looking for to do something a bit more useful with your heart rate information, Samsung is now bringing out an update to the S Health app that adds the ability to check your stress levels using the sensor. Okay, this is probably still more of a gimmick than something you’d find genuinely useful, but it’s still pretty cool.

In addition to a basic reading, the S Health app can now even create a chart that shows stress levels on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Of course Samsung cautions that its stress tester is more for fun than anything, and says that its results aren’t meant for “clinical or medical use”. Still, if you find yourself constantly swinging to the right with the stress tester, it probably wouldn’t hurt to at least consult a doctor, or maybe take a vacation.

What do you think of the HR sensor on the Galaxy S5, anyone out there find themselves using it regularly or do you feel it’s nothing more than ‘wasted hardware’?